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There's another side to each person, one that we cannot see without help. There are those who seek out said help, each earnestly wishing to find their true selves. It is then that they seek out the one known as the "Magic Mirror," a revered sorceress of recent legend.

Watch as the darkness lifts in the hearts of those who seek out the Magic Mirror. Follow Reina and experience nine short and sweet tales of romance, friendship, and unrequited love.


  • ~11,000 words
  • Intro to 8 out of 10 main characters
  • 9 chibi CGs + 3 variations
  • A handful of choices
  • One secret scene

Full game:

  • Four GxB routes
  • Four GxG routes
  • One secret, unlock-able route
  • 130,000+ words
  • 19 endings

More information

Published150 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorReine Works
TagsComedy, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, meaningful-choices, Multiple Endings, Otome, Romance, Visual Novel
Average durationA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button
Player countSingleplayer


Pre-order Now$15.00 USD or more

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Exclusive content

Support this visual novel at or above a special price point to receive something exclusive.

You or your OC put in the game as an NPC.

You or your OC will make a guest appearance in a scene in the game, complete with your own sprite. Any sort of design is fine as long as it is humanoid; any clothing or creatures that don't fit into the setting will be redesigned and sent back for approval.

You or your OC put in the game as a main character's relative.

Your or your OC become a blood relative of one of the in-game characters, complete with a sprite. Due to your relations, you will appear in the game in a more prominent way than you would as a regular NPC. * You will be matched to the character who most resembles the design provided.

Create a special ending for one route of your choice.

You will be provided with an outline of one route of your choice, at which point you will be able to create an outline for an extra ending that will be included in the game.

*Note: route outlines aren't finalized yet. They will be sent once completed.

Download demo

Reflections_D&R_demo-1.0-all.zip (157 MB)


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I've just finished playing the demo! And I loved it - the story is great, and this is my first time seeing something like that, I think. I love the characters - most of them are very compelling and interesting, and I want to know more about them. Reina is very cool too - she isn't too naive or clumsy or anything, but you didn't try to make a "strong woman" heroine - in the badass sense - wich seems to be a common thing now, and people often overdo it.

Now, I half agree with the first person who commented, they aren't wrong when they say the sprites all have more or less the same face. But I don't think it is as bad as they say. Sure, the faces look the same, but fortunately the expressions aren't. So when characters interract with each others and their expressions change, you see each one personnalities shine through, and it makes them more different from each other. Now, sure I suggest you to be more careful about that if you do another game at some point, but it should work out fine with this one. Besides, I'm an artist myself, so I tend to notice these things, but I think lots of people won't really see that, since the art style itself is quite pretty - more than in lots of otome games out there.

But while the characters look fine in my opinion, I think you should reconsider the backgrounds, if it isn't too late. I've noticed some of the backgrounds are actual drawings, while some are photoshopped photographies. Both are fine, but mixing the two makes it look weird - it would be better to stick with one style. I've also noticed one thing that bothers me a lot about one of the photography ones. The living room one, to be precise - there is an electrical fan and lamp, and overall modern furniture, while the setting of the game clearly doesn't seem modern. It's really disturbing.

I've also noticed a few other minor issues. In the preferences menu, the skip options are labelled in a way that may be confusing for people not used to Ren'Py games. In the "Skip" section, it would be better to write "All text" and "Read text" instead of just "All" and "Read". And the "Skip options" is a really obscure label - it would be clearer if it was labelled something like "Skip after choice" or even "After choice" alone.

And last, the name of the town. "Ville du la Reine" - you wanted it to be called City of the Queen, un French, right? The correct grammar would be "Ville de la Reine" (French is my mother language - this is why my English may be a bit off too, haha).

I hope my critic isn't too harsh, but I believe it's constructive enough? I really like this game overall, and I'll be glad to purchase the full version. I'm so sad I can't afford to spend $400 like that for the ending offer - I would totally do it if I could, it would be so cool! I hope you'll manage to sell the spots anyway!

Oh, thanks so much for the comment! I'm glad you liked it! I was really scared that no one would like the story.

Yes, I actually have two other, smaller games in the works right now and the face issue is definitely solved in both of them. Glad you like the art style - I do, too. And I must say, it really shines through in the CG art; I'm always excited when the artist sends me a completed CG.

On the backgrounds - the photographs are just placeholders. All the backgrounds will be drawn. Actually, I will be updating the demo (hopefully in the next one to two months - whenever the artist is finished, really) and it'll have all drawn backgrounds, each with different time of day variations. As well, there'll be two (non-chibi) CGs that I couldn't include originally because, well, they weren't drawn at the time, haha.

On the menu - thanks, I hadn't thought of that. I've actually been revisiting the GUI lately for small improvements, so I'll definitely take another look at it before I release the updated demo.

Eek, thanks. You're right. There is a slight French theme in the game (more in the second half of the common route) but my French is quite rusty nowadays. I'll fix that for next time.

Oh, no, it's not harsh at all. I really appreciate it! Thank you so much! Especially for the French error, it would've been awful if that went unnoticed longer. I think any developer would be happy to get this sort of criticism.

Again, thanks so much! I love getting comments and I'm super happy to hear you like the game. ;=;

That's a relief - I always feel bad when I point out too much things, but at the same time when I draw comics I like to get feedback too so I can improve - it's just that I don't want to offend people haha!

About the French issues, if you have doubts about anything, I'd be glad to help if needed!

My games are and will always be open to feedback, pre-release or post-release. So no worries to you or anyone else about leaving criticism or pointing out errors for me, I definitely won't be offended or upset. I really appreciate those things.

Sure - thanks so much!

I was looking through my bank account, and actually, I may be able to afford the special ending thing, you know. I may as well purchase it, because I really love your game, and it would be so nice to have an active part in that!

I definitely don't want to pressure you to do that but if that's what you'd like, I'd certainly be eternally grateful!

Weeeell... I already did actually! - you should recieve the payment as soon as paypal processes it. It makes me happy too actually - I'm very interested in the creation on visual novels, and I'd like to do so at some point. But beeing at least a small part of such a project is already much!

The two characters I'm interested in for the ending are Sol and Wynn, but I'm really not sure about wich one I'd like the most. Once you're ready, maybe you could tell me the overall mood or theme of their routes, and I'll give you my answer after that, so you'll be able to give me the actual outline once it's done.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. You just made my month, for serious.

Well, I'll finish theirs outlines up ASAP. I'm shocked I didn't notice this before but there doesn't seem to be any sort of private messaging system on here; you can send me an e-mail at reineworks@gmail.com or DM @gamerbum on Twitter and I'll send you more info on the routes (and outlines, once they're done).

Yeah, I don't have a twitter, so I've emailed you!

The story is nice... everything seems okay, except for the art. The art is terrible, honestly. All of the characters HAVE THE SAME FACE (EYES, NOSE, MOUTH). It's like you used the same sprite, but with different colors, hair and clothes. I can't enjoy a game that has such poor art... especially if it's commercial. I recommend changing the person who does the sprites for a successful project.

Thank you so, so much for the feedback. I'm very glad to hear that you liked the story! I was really nervous to hear what others thought about it since it's a bit more serious than I'm used to writing.

To be honest with you, it's simply not possible for me to switch artists at this point. This project isn't based on revenue share, each team member who isn't myself is paid for their work on a commission basis, and it's quite expensive to fund 10 sprite sets. However, believe me when I say I'm taking your feedback into consideration. As the game's main CGs aren't drawn yet, I will definitely make sure that the characters look more distinct in them, and I will keep my eye out for problems like this on future projects.

I realize you probably won't purchase this title once it's finished because art is a huge part of a visual novel, so I'd be happy to send you a free key once it's done if you think the CG art will make it more tolerable (I'll be updating the demo and screenshots with in-game CGs once that process has started).

Thanks again, and have a nice day!